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This significant finding results from a project undertaken by Dave Viney, a mature post-graduate student with a first career in the IT marketing and professional development.

The results are intriguing - there is no evidence of any significant correlation between actual loudness (& thus overall compression) and commercial success whereas panel assessments of less compression & processing are well correlated with those of sounding more pleasant and of above average quality and with commercial success suggesting that the obsession with compression tends to limit commercial success!

Interestingly, it appears that perceived overall loudness may depend on its variability rather than simply its average or maximum level – an area for further study.

Dave is now setting up as a marketing analyst/advisor to the music business and considering conducting further part-time research – for further information about his project,

Dave is contactable via email (dave.viney@rocketmail.com) or mobile (07802 248326).

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