Discussion Workshop

Meet The Managers

Held upstairs at The Bath House, 96 Dean Street, London W1 on 28-May-2008

A substantial research project carried out by the economic geography department at Nottingham University examined the decline in the studio recording business in the UK and USA.  As with much research, the findings were blindingly apparent – the studios need more customers.

Technological changes have revolutionised and democratised music production and the uncertainties of the historical business model to which the record labels are so desperately clinging, is creaking at the seams.

The APRS is undertaking a series of informal get-togethers exploring new approaches on behalf of the recording sector that offer fresh benefits to a broader range of clients, providing revenue streams that reflect the true value of the contributions made by artists, studios, producers, publishers and managers unimpeded by a stagnated rights hierarchy.

MMFWe were very pleased that the MMF agreed to participate in this first ‘bi-lateral’ discussion to seek-out common ground, hear the views of a panel of experienced producers, studio owners and managers and open-up a conversation about how we might work together more directly in the future.

APRS members can now hear our recording of this event

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