Discussion Workshop

Manufacturers' Open Mic Night

Held upstairs at The Bath House, 96 Dean Street, London W1 on 21-Apr-2008

Since his arrival in Government last year, the influence of Sir Digby Jones on how government interacts with industry is making a positive impact. How does his approach differ from previous regimes? Will UKTI be able to develop a “Creative UK” or “Creatives UK” national brand that acts as a cross-sector partner for all UK creative sectors?

The ubiquitous enthusiasm for China and India has been with us for some years and is taking an increasingly prominent place in the government’s trade priorities. How can the pro-audio industries, especially small businesses, get the best from the very temping giant Far East markets? Is out-sourcing manufacture a secure option in a volatile political environment? Is there really a king’s ransom to be made - or is all just talk?

Many members have been asking whether the APRS could get more involved with product promotion, directly helping by adding cross-sector support in both generic and product-specific ways.

UK Trade and Investment have been tinkering with their responses to government policy and have a new set of ways in which to assist exporters, both new and old. Can the relationship between government and sector-representing trade associations be expected to reap consistent results when government’s over-arching policy changes more regularly than corporate development cycles?

Are industry specific trade shows and exhibitions still as valuable marketing tools as they used to be? How much does the ‘all-singing-all-dancing’ web site offer a viable alternative? And to what extent does government support help?

APRS Exec Director Peter Filleul hosted the evening's discussion and included information from UKTI, Business Link and prominent manufacturers in the industry.

Members can hear a recording of the evening's discussions here

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