Technical Workshop

Euphonix Digital Workstations

Held at British Grove Studios on 3-Apr-2008

Describing the outstanding state-of-the-art facility that Dave Stewart and Dave Harries have put together for Mark Knopfler as a home studio would be stretching the bounds of perception but, not unusually, Peter Filleul, Executive Director of the APRS sunk that low in his introduction to the second of the APRS’s Technical Workshop evenings at British Grove on 3rd April which was hosting the Euphonix team lead by Mark Hosking (left) under the watchful eye of Chris Hollebone.
Euphonix had assembled a comprehensive representation of their work-stations from entry level to expansive film dubbing suite demonstrating that the core attributes and technical approaches were shared throughout their entire range.  About 35 APRS and MPG members were able to enjoy hands-on demonstrations and have their questions answered by the Euphonix experts, interspersed by trips to the refreshments provided upstairs in British Grove’s sumptuous rest area.   euphonix02.jpg

After the three hour event reached its end, attendees left clutching brochures having experienced a thoroughly entertaining and informative evening which bodes well for the other manufacturer events in a series that includes Yamaha, Focusrite and Apple Computer.

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