Discussion Workshop

Marketing and PR Evening 

Held at The Bath House, 96 Dean Street, London W1 on 22-Sep-2008

In today's climate, it is vital to ensure your existing and potential clients know who you are, how to contact you and, of course, that they are aware of your products and services.  If no-one knows about you, your business will simply whittle away and die.

There are many ways to market yourself and some of them don't cost a penny ... others do, but how do you decide what to spend your valuable budget on?

The APRS put together a dream panel hosted by Nick Dimes, Director, Zoo Communications:

  • Nick Cook, European Marketing Director, Yamaha Commercial Audio
  • Matt Bell, Managing Director, Direct Red Media
  • Chris Hook, Managing Director, HLA Marketing Support
  • Tony Andrews, Marketing Consultant

Nick Dimes began the evening with an overview of what marketing is all about and it's relevance to business today.

Nick Cook presented a case study on how a company like Yamaha approaches and implements a marketing schedule.

Matt Bell's spoke about Press Releases - what makes a newsworthy story, how to construct a press release, where and how to send it, what to do after it's been delivered.

Chris Hook discussed the continuing importance of Newsletters, including the pros and cons of this medium.

Tony Andrews gave an insight into the 21st century tool of Digital Content, including websites, e-news, rich media, etc., describing the various methods and formats and the most effective in getting your message across.

The evening was, as usual, well attended, and for those of you who missed it we have the highlights here for you to listen to / download. These are available from the audio page in our new Members Only section.

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