APRS Aims – A view from the Chair

APRS Chairman, Malcolm Atkin,
                                   looks at the aims and activities of the APRS.

Since its inception in 1948, the APRS has been the association for companies and individuals working in all areas of professional audio.  Longevity has given the association unparalleled experience in dealing with all areas of common interest to its members.  It has forged strong links with government departments and sister industry bodies throughout its many years of existence.


Trade associations are often defined by their past successes and failures rather than their ability to tackle ongoing issues and encourage future aspirations.  However, with the APRS, it is the members themselves who largely dictate the focus and attention of the association.  The APRS is the engine for the members to utilise whenever an industry voice is needed.

A common problem for such a disparate community as ours is the opportunity to meet and communicate with each other.  The association has a primary goal to create interesting and relevant meetings for members on a regular basis.  It also provides the opportunity for members to network and share experiences.

The “Professional” in APRS has always driven us to seek the highest standards from our members.  In the past this would have meant that Full membership was denied to some.  Whilst high standards are vital to the health of our industry, the APRS takes an inclusive rather than exclusive view to membership.


As with most trade associations, the Board consists of unpaid individuals who volunteer their time and effort to the common good of the industry. In recent years the Board has taken every opportunity to ensure that there is a good spread of representation across all the sectors.  However, there are never enough such individuals and I would like to take this opportunity to invite any member who feels they can contribute, to apply to join the Board.  Directors are both elected (to represent membership categories) and co-opted.
Please contact me or our Administrator, Francesca Smith, for further details.

In addition to Board membership, there are many occasions when single interest groups are formed to represent an issue.  The more members involve themselves, the more the association becomes a relevant force for the industry.


Since its inception, the APRS has recognised the need for good quality education and training.  Through the years it has organised many specialist courses, published books, etc.  In recent times, it merged its Education and Training Initiative with the MPG to form JAMES - Joint Audio and Media Education Services.  JAMES now deals with these matters for both associations.  It is a credit to the model created that it has now been joined by UK Screen.  Their work is now increasingly recognised by the education industry.  Several Board members take an active role in both organisations.


For many years the APRS was probably best-known by some for its annual trade show which built up a strong supplier membership.  Although the APRS has not held a show for a decade, it continues to represent suppliers at AES in the US and Brazil, as well as BVE in London, Frankfurt Musikmesse, etc.  We aim to encourage participation at all levels.


For a trade association to continue to thrive, it must adapt to the needs of its members.  The era of the commercial studio has largely now passed.  However, that does not mean there are less people in the industry.  Our colleges are literally full of thousands of students, all of whom want to be in this industry in some capacity.  It is the role of the association to represent their aspirations.  As this is increasingly on an individual basis for many of us, information, work and social connections are vital.

Many of the new features on the recently re-launched APRS website have been designed with this in mind. 
We also have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Numubu.  So Please Use Them!

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