TAP Into Brazil

UK Trade and Investment, UKTI, announce that the AES Brazil Expo in Sao Paulo, 7th - 9th May 2013, will be supported by 10 x  £1,800 grants to eligible UK companies.

The APRS, in association with PLASA and the MIA, has made great progress in stimulating interest in exploring the Brazilian market since their scoping visit with the UKTI trade Mission in September.  15 UK companies have expressed interest in participating in a joint, national stand to create the best possible impression for their first time appearance in Brazil.  The combined Booth/APRS/UKTI trade ‘Embassy’ could offer an opportunity to gain vital experience of the Brazilian market place, meet importers and distributors and make informed decisions about how to establish a foothold in this exciting country at a particularly auspicious time.

In addition to the 10 x £1,800 grants available to eligible companies, the APRS is hoping that there will also be some additional funding for what UKTI call ‘enhanced activity’ during the event which will offer a Consular event to introduce key importers and customers to the visiting UK manufacturers.  Companies that have already declared an interest in attending the AES Brazil will be contacted directly to discuss details of attendance options - but the more participants, the more flexible and economical we can expect to be.

Exhibition costs in Brazil can be very high but the best way to find out about the market is to go there, experience the environment and find a distribution and importing partner.   APRS research indicates that a standard booth (10ft x 10ft), aside from costing around £4.5k (plus £2k per person), will create a meagre impression compared to most other booths at the show. Consequently, it is negotiating to establish a UK Audio Embassy that will reflect equally favourably on all the brands represented to provide an individual presence under a collective umbrella with shared extras such as translation, meeting space and hospitality.  The package will include briefings on local business protocols provided by respected consultants in advance of the trip in the UK and focussed mentoring and market research options.
Click here for a look at the show website (in English).

Contact:  Francesca Smith, APRS Head Office on 01803 868 600 or email <admin@aprs.co.uk> to be included in the Brazil Audio Embassy opportunity.

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