AES Brazil Expo 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil:
13 - 15 May 2014

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Last year the APRS inaugurated a very successful exploratory trip to the AES BRAZIL EXPO convention in Sao Paulo. Eight UK manufacturers shared a national booth that was greatly admired and which opened vital doors to establishing lasting business relationships in this vibrant emerging market.

We are now assessing the various exhibiting options and possible uptake for 2014 which will include the APRS administering 10 x £2,500 UKTI grants for manufacturers keen to developing a trading connection with the Brazilian market.

The opportunity is open to all UK manufacturers - but the AES focuses on studio sound, live sound and installation products - so it is probably not the best show for most musical instrument manufacturers.

Trading in Brazil relies upon establishing commercial relationships with local partners, usually distributors but sometimes via other kinds of partnership. Finding a trusted partner is a delicate matter which can take time and cannot be rushed - personal relationships are key to all business in Brazil - so exporters need to be
reconciled to it taking a while to establish a secure footing. That said, last year all the participants made significant and productive contacts.

Size Matters
Brazilians are impressed by size and status. It is important to create the impression that you are a part of a significant organisation to attract the favourable attentions of local distributors and business partners. The APRS/UKTI’s pavilion, the GREAT BRITISH AUDIO EMBASSY, is a mechanism for small companies to
share a prestigious presence without the usual prohibitive expense of Brazilian exhibitions and with additional benefits of shared service and facilities throughout your trip.

There will be a number of options - a standard booth, a bespoke built booth or share in a national pavilion, the Great British Audio Embassy. At the AES Expo, ALL UK manufacturers will benefit from a local Consular Reception, a special hotel room rate and provision, at nominal cost, of a daily hotel-show-hotel bus.
Qualifying companies may also apply for UKTI TAP Grants of £2,500 (subject to approval by UKTI). In addition, GBAE participants appear in a bi-lingual brochure and receive assistance with technical translation for Brazilian Customs clearance.

Whilst the APRS is currently supporting the AES show, we also offer assistance to UK manufacturers visiting other events such as those shown on the right. A specialist technical translation service is available at very competitive rates.
Other Opportunities in Brazil:

Broadcast & Cable,  20 -22 August 2013, Centro de Exposições Imigrantes, Sao Paulo
Newish niche show for Broadcast and all Media specialists including internet technologies, Smaller show but possibly most useful for media tech manufacturers. Unlikely to be a national booth in 2013 - UKTI SOLO
grants may be available from ITAs.

Brazil Music Expo - 18 - 22 September 2013, Expo Centre Norte, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Long established cross-sector show 2 days pro/2 days consumer. Biggest Ent/Tech show in Brazil. Possible National Booth in 2014. UKTI SOLO grants maybe available in 2013.

IET - Integrated Entertainment Technology - Brazil, 5 - 6 February 2014 • Rio de Janeiro • Brazil
New show - untested - mainly sound and lights for live shows. UKTI SOLO grants may be available via International Trade Advisors (ITAs). Unlikely to be sponsored national booth in the first year. PLASA and APRS members may enjoy discounted rates.
AES BRAZIL OPTIONS - Please let us know what you think
    [in the region of £3,500 + personnel costs]
  • STANDARD AES BOOTH (min. 12sq.m)
    [in the region of £4,500 + personnel costs]

APRS workshop at PLASA
Brazil - Jumping the Barriers ... together!
How to Hug your way into a priority growth market!
Tuesday, 8 October  -  3.30 pm
Peter Filleul, Export Development, APRS, will present a workshop examining expertise and experiences gained on recent trade missions and exhibitions, looking at dangerous distributors and cunning customs and a catalogue of avoidable pitfalls, hidden bonuses and reasons to talk the plunge!

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