About The APRS

Every industry needs a dynamic, professional organisation to serve its members' needs and raise standards. For the audio industry, the Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) has been actively fulfilling this role for over five decades, dedicated to promoting the highest standards throughout the industry and providing the means for audio professionals to work together.

In order to achieve its goals, the APRS is organised to deliver a strong, proactive message, with wide-ranging activities and a high profile industry presence. It focuses attention on issues that are of topical importance to its members. It listens to the concerns of all its members, irrespective of their field of interest - and also acts as a sounding board, so that its directors can develop strong responses to critical industry-wide situations.

On the legislative front, the APRS has a long-standing tradition of campaigning and lobbying on behalf of its members, with many notable successes to its name. It is also ready to enlist the assistance of outside specialists, for the investigation and evaluation of important issues that impact on its members. The results of these initiatives can range from staging specialist seminars, to long-term research projects funded by the APRS.

The APRS is a leading force within the British Music Industry, maintaining contact with numerous UK and International associations, as well as with other bodies concerned with standards, training, technical and legal issues.

Its Board of Directors are all working professionals, elected by members to represent the various interest groups contained under the Association's banner. The Directors' work is voluntary, and involves many hours of service in Board meetings and on committees and working groups.

The Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) promotes the highest standards of professionalism and quality within the audio industry. Its members are recording studios, post-production houses, mastering, replication, pressing and duplicating facilities, and providers of education and training, as well as record producers, audio engineers, manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. Its primary aim is to develop and maintain excellence at all levels within the UK's audio industry.

Any member or other person interested in the work of the Association is warmly invited to make contact with the APRS office or any member of the Board.

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