A New Direction for the APRS

For nearly 70 years the APRS has represented the interests of the UK’s professional recording industry, giving focus and support to the audio professionals who make the music and sound recording business possible. During that time, the way music is recorded and the businesses associated with its creation and distribution have changed dramatically.

Recording Studios have seen a significant decline in numbers over the last decade, as the music industry moves away from the model of the late 20th century.

Until the late 90’s the APRS Show was one of the premier events in the recording industry calendar. With the demise of the show, the APRS has relied mainly on the subscriptions paid by its members to fund its activities. However, as the audio landscape has changed, operating income from subscriptions has declined to the point where the Board became concerned that the APRS would no longer be able offer the levels of service and activity that its members should expect to receive.

In late 2015, the Government’s export arm, the UKTI, withdrew its grants. The APRS had relied upon these to provide support to UK manufacturing companies to attend overseas trade shows. This made it more difficult for the audio sector to generate overseas opportunities.

With this news, the APRS Board had decided to rethink its structure.

The highly successful Sound Fellowships will remain our principal annual event. Other events will continue to be organised throughout the year as the need arises. Members will no longer be required to pay a membership fee, instead some activities (eg the Sound Fellowship Lunch) will attract an attendance fee. Additionally, the APRS will continue with its Social Media pages to maintain a forum for debate and networking. The other professional services which the APRS has supplied, but which have had little or no take-up by the membership, will no longer be available. Nearly 70 years of tradition will continue.

The APRS would like to thank everyone in the audio industry who have given their time to help the organisation over the years and who have made the UK recording sector such an influential player in the global music market. We hope that these changes will herald the beginning of an APRS which is robust and fit enough for the future.

© APRS, 2010
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